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Specialist visit

To order a specialist on-site visit for Kiev

Here you can order a specialist on-site visit for setting the program «M.E.Doc» only for Kiev. To order a specialist for other cities of Ukraine, please, contact regional office.

As for a specialist on-site visits ordering, please, call +38 (044) 206-72-39

Cost service:

330 UAH one company
440 UAH two company
520 UAH three company
(to see all costs)

City *:
EDRPOU code *:
Please, note EDRPOU codes of all companies that must be served by our specialist by pressing “+”
Name of company *:
Telephones with area code *:
example: 0441234567, 0671234567
Contact person *:
E-mail *:
Address *:
Date *:

Specialist’s services *:
setting the program «M.E.Doc» + filling out of EDS certificates
setting/setup of the program «M.E.Doc»
extension of the EDS certificates’ validity
changing for network version of the program «M.E.Doc»

Are specialist’s services already paid for?
not yet (please, get the bill online or call our sales department)

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