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Customer Reviews "M.E.Doc"


Ludmila Semchuk

accountant Ventsistem Group


Ludmila Butok

Chief accountant Kievpasservis


Oksana Chernysh

Accountant Samsung Electronics Ukraine


Ludmila Geraschenko

CEO Imperial


Tatiana Stepanets

Director SVF Byers


Anna Grynenko

Chief accountant PRISMA BETA


Galina Antonenko

Director of development Inter Flatinum Group

Stopko Tatiana Ivanovna

Accountant of GREEN VELVET Ltd.

We were among the first ones, who started sending the report in electronic form, at that time we had “Best Zvit” program. Our legislation did not allow us completely passing to electronic document management. In fact, the main question that interested us was whether it was legal to send tax invoices in electronic form. But after explanation by Ministry of Revenues, at the beginning of February, we started exchanging “primary” documents with partners in electronic form. For the time being it is a novelty for us but we already managed to feel all advantages of electronic document management. I wish all accountants not to be afraid of novelties and to pass to electronic document management.


Kucherena Nataliia Ivanovna

Chief accountant of TECHOLED Ltd.

Our partner compelled me to pass to electronic document management, having asked to send tax invoices to him in electronic form through “M.E. Doc” system in addition to a hard copy. He explained that invoices in hard copy are not always received in due time. As we have a lot of tax invoices and our partners are in other cities – it is natural that we agreed. Sending by mail takes much time and requires additional expenses, as well as many partners are not satisfied that the documents are received after the twentieth day. So, we started sending the documents in electronic form to all partners. Originally, we duplicated the documents in electronic form and in hard copies but at present moment more than a half of partners do not demand any hard copy. It is convenient and modern!


Vavilova Galina Valentinovna

Chief accountant of Lidercart Ltd.

We use electronic document management in exchange with partners. As we cannot dictate the conditions to customers – we offer two variants to choose – in hard copy and in electronic form. Originally, most partners demanded the documents in hard copy but in course of time the number of partners, who desired to receive documents in electronic form, started increasing. The main reason is the quickness in receipt of document. It is a matter of minutes for electronic form and it takes some days for hard copies. During a year we managed to reduce the number of documents in hard copy by 40%. I think that after explanation by Ministry of Revenues the number of documents in electronic form will reach to 80%. I wish success and efficient work to all!


Vilgitskaya Oksana Nikolayevna

Accountant of ZHYTLOVYSOTBUD Ltd.

I made my first steps in “M.E.Doc.” system some years ago. I should say that it is very convenient to send reports in electronic form, without visiting a tax inspection thereat. It significantly saves the time. The next step was the exchange of tax invoices in electronic form with partners. This transition optimized the document management of our enterprises by some times. The replacement of paper documents for electronic ones takes place by leaps and bounds at our time, and I think it is a norm already for many accountants. Therefore, the full transition to electronic document management is only a question of time.


Shtan Marina Vladimirovna

Chief accountant of “Company Initiator” Ltd.

We use your services for a long time. The fact not to visit a tax inspection is already a holiday. Our enterprise uses a great number of paper documents and their lion's share – primary documents. About half a year ago we came to the conclusion that we need to pass to electronic document management as it is very expensive to lease a separate premise for paper. We started asking all partners to send the primary documents in electronic form to us through “M.E.Doc.”. At present moment a half of partners send the documents in electronic form to us. I wish all keep up with the times; moreover, it simplifies our accounting life.


Nevmerzhitskaya Mariia Vladislavovna

Chief accountant of “TC “Europlus” Ltd. and “BT-Regions” Ltd.

I am familiar with software product by “Intellect-Service” Corporation for a pretty long time. I have been using “M.E.Doc.” since 2010, since its very appearance. Until that time I successfully used “Best Zvit”. I knew about possibilities for exchange of primary documents from updates of “M.E.Doc.” as I pay careful attention to the news from developer. When a regular update is released I gathered all my accountants and we together studied the changes in the program, and, accordingly, in legislation. It helps to be always in touch with the most actual information from regulatory authorities and new functionality of program. I started exchanging tax invoices with my partners almost at once, and then other primary documents, such as corrections of tax invoices, invoices, acts and expenditure invoices. All our partners know that we send and receive the primary documents in electronic form through “M.E.Doc.” system; it is a compulsory article of contracts, which we sign with our suppliers and buyers. The main advantage for me is the correct generation of declaration, and, consequently, the minimization of differences as to VAT as I generate VAT register according to tax invoices and corrections, sent and received from partners. But in addition, the exchange of documents in electronic form is a large saving of time and expenses! I personally think that the most important thing is the desire of accountant, and it is easy to pass to more convenient, reliable and most efficient way of work with primary documents due to time. Thus, I advise my colleagues-accountants not to put this possibility off and to pass to the exchange of accounting documents in electronic form, and the faster the better!


Yuliia Buriachenko

Accountant of Prom-Gaz-Invest Ltd.

Our company has been using “M.E.Doc.” program since its very existence. We knew about capabilities for exchange of primary documents from the program itself. At present moment we exchange tax invoices with partners through “M.E.Doc.”. Now we have much less bureaucracy with paper documents. It is more convenient to work with electronic documents. I personally think that the imperfection of Ukrainian legislation impedes the quick development of electronic document management. I would like to wish not to be afraid to use the new capabilities of “M.E.Doc.” system!


Zhukotskaya I.V.

Director of Tekhenergokom Ltd.

I have been using “M.E.Doc.” program for more than a year. Once a consultant of “Intellect-Service” Company called and told about new capability of “M.E.Doc.” program. He said that now we can exchange electronic primary documents with partners and offered to show how it is implemented in “M.E.Doc.”. Since that time I have been exchanging tax invoices with partners in electronic form. Here it is the serious advantage – it is time-saving. Wondering why other accountants do not enjoy this advantage, I came to the conclusion that the thing is rather in the mentality, it is difficult for us to refuse from usual things and to change them for something new. At all times and in all places there are certain nuances but I am happy with all that. I would like to wish accountants just to start using!


Veliyeva Tamara Pavlovna

Accountant of Yukov Ltd. and PE “Clark”

I have been working in “M.E.Doc.” system for more than two years. During that time I learnt almost the whole functionality of the program. I knew about new capability: exchange of primary documents between partners in electronic form from the employee of the company, who serves us with “M.E.Doc.” program. And now I send and receive tax invoices in electronic form from most our partners. In the first turn it is speed and convenience for me. Now the exchange of documents takes much less of my time, as well as the expenses for paper were significantly reduced. I think that electronic document management would be developed much more quickly if our legislation changed not so often. All these changes to a little extent threat our accountants. But I advise to start working in electronic form as soon as possible, not to be afraid to pass to electronic document management!


Galkevich Nataliia Ivanovna

Director of “Garant Service Plus” Ltd.

I have been working in “M.E.Doc.” program for a long time already and I have only good feedbacks about work during the whole time. I knew that it is possible to exchange primary documents in electronic form from one of my partners. And I liked this idea at once! And now I am exchanging not only tax invoices but invoices, acts and expenditure invoices with my partners through “M.E.Doc.” program. First of all it is a large time-saving! As well as information transfer rate, savings on printing, and of course the assurance that the document will be received only by that partner, to whom it is designed. I recommend all colleagues to pass to electronic document management as soon as possible because it is a progressive way to exchange primary documents, which will save the time and expenses, as well as frustration!