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Our team


The Group of Companies «Intellect-Service» is our pride. It’s a team of like-minded persons, enthusiasts, specialists, who love their job and don’t know insolvable problems.

Our team is a power, which brought the company to the leading market position and continues to hold this position with incredible persistence and constancy. All this became possible thanks to people working in the company, the internal team climate and personal qualifications of each of us. The secret of our success consists in the fact that our team includes great professionals, people who can be committed to and responsible for their job.

Today when we implement each new project we understand which responsibility is assumed by each member of our team, and we have no doubt that the result will be successful.

Responsibility - is a main pillar of our success. We are always responsible for our business, words and actions. For us, this word means new interest tasks and horizons. That is achievements. And for our customers, it is reliability and confidence.

Persistence - is a second pillar of our success that is a thing which pushes us forward, helps to cope with our competitors, and opens new opportunities.

Inventiveness - is a creative element of our work, without which the labor in the field of software developments is not impossible whereas it is required to take a non-routing, original and often not simple technical decision.

Respect – We respect ourselves, our customers, partners and the work fulfilled by each of us. We appreciate thoughts and ideas of each other, we are tolerant and humane. We understand that each person is unique and valuable on his/her own way. We are sure that respect is a main prerequisite to cooperation.

Only with such attitude the complicated project implementation is possible. Only this way the atmosphere of confidence and harmonious interaction between all departments and divisions of the company and the Customer arise.

To make your work with «M.E.Doc» as sweet as honey is, you can at any time contact customer service managers or consult by the telephone of «Hot Line»